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The Problem With Arial

It may be surprising that Arial is a font included on every Mac. But it’s not the most readable font and can be difficult to read at times. For instance, if you were typing a blog post in Arial, your readers might find it difficult to read. The problem with Arial is that it doesn’t have the same fonts like Times New Roman or Garamond, which are the two most commonly used fonts on the web today.

The Solution: Changing Your Font

Changing your font is super easy! You just need to download and install a free program called Font Book. If you want to change your font from Arial to Times New Roman or Garamond, you can do that as well using this program. Once you have Font Book downloaded and installed, open up the app by clicking on “Font Book” in your dock. Then click anywhere on the screen and drag over what you want to change into another font and release your mouse button when you see the text turn into a new font color. That’s all there is too it!


How to Convert Arial to VTT

First, download the font Arial Black from the Google Font website. Once you have it downloaded and installed, open your text editor, such as TextEdit or Microsoft Word. Then, go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced and click on “Encoding”. In the Encoding section, change the encoding from "Mac Roman" to "Unicode".

The next step is to save a copy of your document in UTF-8 format. To do this, press Command+S on your keyboard then type an “s” at the beginning of the file name and save it with a .txt extension. Now you will be able to import your document into any word processor that supports VTT files.

If you are using Adobe Creative Suite or Corel Draw, simply select File -> Save As -> Save as Type: VTT File (*.vtt) from the menu and then navigate to where you saved your UTF-8 document before importing it into your program.



The Arial font was designed by Microsoft, and it is commonly used across the internet. It has been criticized for lack of readability and lack of support for languages other than English.

However, with our guide you will be able to easily convert your Arial files to VTT files.


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