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An obfuscator obfuscates your source code by transforming your original JavaScript source code into an obfuscated result that's harder to understand, copy, re-use, and modify without authorization. JS Obfuscator is a powerful tool that  The obfuscated result will have the exact functionality of the original code and can be used in a production website.

When users visit your website for the first time, a lot of JavaScript is loaded which then runs in the background to make sure the user’s session is as frictionless as possible. This Javascript is then stored in a cache which prevents your website from loading again the next time a user comes across your site.
However, with the increasing volume of user-generated content available online, coupled with the discovery of new ways for browsers to detect and ignore JavaScript, many websites have turned to validations and sanitization of JavaScript before it is loaded to reduce the chances of users being misled or taken advantage of.

What is a JavaScript Obfuscator?

A JavaScript Obfuscator is a tool that can help you strip away the unwanted parts of your source code, such as classes, constants, methods, and other parts of the code that you don’t want to see. The basic principle of an obfuscator is that it will replace these parts with something else. So, if you have a class that looks like this:
function hi() {
  console.log("Hello World!");
The obfuscator strips away this variable, leaving you with only the essential code
(function(_0x1213e0,_0x47c2a5){var _0x4d6355=_0x1e2c,_0x3ff46d=_0x1213e0();while(!![]){try{var _0x156186=-parseInt(_0x4d6355(0xfe))/0x1*(parseInt(_0x4d6355(0x104))/0x2)+parseInt(_0x4d6355(0x106))/0x3+parseInt(_0x4d6355(0xfd))/0x4+-parseInt(_0x4d6355(0x105))/0x5*(-parseInt(_0x4d6355(0x102))/0x6)+-parseInt(_0x4d6355(0x100))/0x7*(parseInt(_0x4d6355(0x103))/0x8)+-parseInt(_0x4d6355(0xff))/0x9+parseInt(_0x4d6355(0x101))/0xa;if(_0x156186===_0x47c2a5)break;else _0x3ff46d['push'](_0x3ff46d['shift']());}catch(_0x69921d){_0x3ff46d['push'](_0x3ff46d['shift']());}}}(_0x4a7b,0xa9fa7));function _0x4a7b(){var _0x596300=['2358420TucxDK','Hello\x20World!','3665416FcxnJq','163cCtAXY','8406387JgLOVB','9123177BYaddu','8959670CoRlbL','37686hKyLvx','8ThGUsy','3826nRghPF','515FSqcgB'];_0x4a7b=function(){return _0x596300;};return _0x4a7b();}function hi(){var _0x2b75af=_0x1e2c;console['log'](_0x2b75af(0xfc));}function _0x1e2c(_0x4a3e09,_0x72ef10){var _0x4a7ba9=_0x4a7b();return _0x1e2c=function(_0x1e2ca4,_0x5ca7e5){_0x1e2ca4=_0x1e2ca4-0xfc;var _0x5895f5=_0x4a7ba9[_0x1e2ca4];return _0x5895f5;},_0x1e2c(_0x4a3e09,_0x72ef10);}hi();

Why is JavaScript Obfuscator Important?

When you start on your own you’ll quickly notice that you’re constantly running into problems with unnecessary or even harmful bits of code cluttering your website. It can be very frustrating when you’re trying to do your best to follow all the rules and still get unexpected (and often unwanted) side effects from your code.
A developer may add code to your website that you never meant or may forget to remove when you change a code. Whatever the reason, these unwanted elements are called “caches” by developers and are meant to be purged from your website.
A cache is an intermediate representation of your code that’s stored in your website’s markup. The metadata stored in the markup — such as the date the page was last updated, the name of your website, and the IP address — are all stored in the cache. As you make changes to your code, the cache is refilled with the updated version so that other visitors don’t have to redo the work.

The Advantages of a JavaScript Obfuscator

Stripping away the unnecessary parts of your code — what’s not to love about that? It’s a beautifier disguised as a code cleaner A JavaScript Obfuscator removes the boilerplate code from your source code and replaces it with simpler elements. This frees up your hands to do other things on the website, such as loading the required images or adding dynamic content.

Disadvantages of a JavaScript Obfuscator

You won’t be able to view the source code of your website. Some people are worried that the ability to view the source code of your website will give away the algorithm behind its design. This isn’t the case though, as the functionality remains the same regardless of whether or not you view the source.


The JavaScript Obfuscator is a tool that can help you strip away the unwanted parts of your source code, such as classes, constants, methods, and other parts of the code that you don’t want to see. It works by stripping all the unnecessary code from your source code, elements, and variables so that you can view exactly what’s being displayed.
It doesn’t get much simpler than that. All you have to do is paste the javascript and see the results for yourself. try this tool javascript deobfuscator


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