Base64 Encoder

Base64 Encoder is a simple tool that meets all your base64 encoding needs. This powerful tool offers you the ability to encode data — whether it be a single word or text, an image, a piece of code or some other form of file — into Base64 format using only your browser. Base64 Decode and Encode also allows you to decode Base64 strings back into their original form with just as much ease.

Advanced options

Character set: Our website uses the UTF-8 character set, so your input data is transmitted in that format. Change this option if you want to convert the data to another character set before encoding. Note that in case of text data, the encoding scheme does not contain the character set, so you may have to specify the appropriate set during the decoding process. As for files, the binary option is the default, which will omit any conversion; this option is required for everything except plain text documents.